Public consultation launched on potential 120 home development in Bramford

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Plans for new homes in Bramford are being discussed. Credit: Unsplash

In short: As part of its priority to deliver more sustainable housing in Suffolk, the council is looking for people’s views of a potential new housing development.

The details: Suffolk County Council is intending to submit a planning application for a residential development on land it owns to the east of Bramford Road. Development on land owned by the county council, is one of the council’s priorities and is part of the council’s wider housing approach to help provide new housing in Suffolk.

The current proposals set out a development of up to 120 highly sustainable homes, surrounded by significant green space, accessed from Bramford Road.

  • The proposals for the development include:

  • Low carbon heating via heat pumps.

  • Local energy generation through solar panels.

  • Grey water recycling, where water used in items such as sinks, dishwashers, showers, and baths is cleaned and returned for use in toilets or washing machines.

  • A focus on increased biodiversity and increasing green spaces.

Speaking about the proposals, Councillor Richard Smith, Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing said: “It is absolutely vital that Suffolk has more sustainable homes, and as a council and as a landowner we are determined to play our part in delivering that objective."

“We also recognise the importance of involving existing communities in developing their local area. I do hope that as many people as possible take this opportunity to engage with us on this development via the consultation,” added Councillor Smith.

A public consultation will take place this month from 14th to 21st June, followed by a planning application later in the summer. It is intended that the site would be developed through Suffolk County Council’s new housing joint venture partnership, which was approved by the council last year.

Ash Read

Ash Read

Editor, Ipswich


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